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Cat Sand

1.Aesthetic and good smell:
cat litter can be provided with different color additive like blue, green, pink, orange, purple or red, and different fragrance like apple, cologne, orange, lavender, rose, lemon, etc. It is becoming a special attraction for pet, it is quite easy for your pet to accept cat litter.
2.Highly Adsorbent: cat litter can lock away moisture within the millions of tiny pores.
3.Superior odor control: cat litter can help prevent the formation of odors by locking away moisture within the crystals.
4.Long lasting: cat litter is more economical than standard non clumping litters.
5.Ultra hygienic: cat litter can help inhabit bacterial growth for a hygienic environment
6.Dust free: cat litter can help keep your floor free from litter tracking

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